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Nuke Gizmo Icons

I found myself with some spare time this weekend, so rather than do something constructive, I decided to make some icons for my various Nuke gizmos and tools. Because a gizmo isn't a real gizmo until it has an icon.

To add icons to your gizmos in Nuke, you just drop a 24x24 pixel png into your .nuke folder and add icon='filename.png' to that gizmo's .addCommand in your menu.py file. For reference, here are my updated NodeSet Tools' .addCommand lines:

toolbar = nuke.menu("Nodes")
nsets = toolbar.addMenu("Node Sets", icon='NodeSetsMenu-show.png')
nsets.addCommand('Node Set: Show Nodes', 'showOnlyChosenNodes()', icon='NodeSetsMenu-show.png')
nsets.addCommand('Node Set: Add Selected', 'labelNodes()', icon='NodeSetsAdd2.png')
nsets.addCommand('Node Set: Remove Selected', 'unLabelNodes()', icon='NodeSetsSub2.png')

If you would also like to fancy-up your gizmos, hit the download link below, drop all the png files into your .nuke folder, and adjust your menu.py file accordingly.

For the FrameHold_DS gizmo, I cheated and stole the standard FrameHold icon from inside the Nuke application folder which, if you're curious, is located in Contents>MacOS>plugins>icons within the Show Package Contents of Nuke.app (Not the X or Studio variants). Again, just copy the png into your .nuke folder, and add it to the gizmo code.


Keen observers may notice a few extra gizmos in my menu that I haven't yet discussed on this site. While not all of them are ready for primetime, the two dead-simple gizmos I've recently found surprisingly useful are the Compare Side by Side and Compare Vertically gizmos. There's literally no way you'll ever guess what they do, so you'll just have to download them to find out.

They, too, go in your .nuke folder and are added to the Gizmos menu with the following menu.py lines:

toolbar = nuke.menu("Nodes")
gzmos = toolbar.addMenu("Gizmos", icon='Gizmos4.png')
gzmos.addCommand("Compare Side by Side", "nuke.createNode('compare_side')", icon='sideby.png')
gzmos.addCommand("Compare Vertically", "nuke.createNode('compare_vert')", icon='vert.png')