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Fountain Cheat Sheets Revisited

TL;DR: Click here for an online version of this Fountain Cheat Sheet

Thanks to recent releases of awesome apps like Highland and Slugline, Fountain, the plain text screenwritting syntax, has been getting a lot of attention. As Fountain newcomers are getting up to speed on the syntax, many have been searching for a Fountain cheat sheet for quick reference.

Highland and Slugline both include features that allow you to “just write” without having to think about syntax, but the promise of Fountain is its ability to be used in any application that takes text input. Thus, a quick reference guide may be of some use to recent plain text converts.

A little over a year ago I reproduced the Fountain syntax guide in a Cheaters page. And then I promptly forgot about it. It wasn’t until the release of Highland that I realized why I never used my own cheat sheet; it wasn’t a cheat sheet. It was a complete syntax reference manual; something that’s almost never useful when writing a screenplay.

Highland ships with a beautiful built in Fountain cheat sheet. It’s short, simple and easy to use at a glance. So, naturally, I ported it to Cheaters so I could have it available at all times.[1]

Left: Highland Cheat Sheet, Right: Cheaters Cheat Sheet

If you’d like to use it, here’s the new Fountain cheat sheet and the previously created CSS file. Toss those files into the Cheaters cheatsheets and css folders, respectively, and add the link to the Cheaters app in the index.html file with the line:

<li data-preserve-html-node="true"><a data-preserve-html-node="true" href="cheatsheets/fountain_h.html">Fountain</a></li>

For more information on customization, head over to the Cheaters page on Brett Terpstra’s site. Happy writing and welcome to Fountain!

  1. I even included the “Learn More” link to the full Fountain syntax guide, should the need arise.

Update - 09/05/14

The cheat sheats have been updated with a Forcing Elements section to match the Fountain 1.1 spec.

SP-MMD Cheaters

Since Brett Terpstra gave us Cheaters, I’ve been populating the app with the various tools I use frequently.

I’ve finally gotten around to creating a cheat sheet for my MultiMarkdown Screenplay syntax. I expect it to be used by precisely one person. Me.

However I’m posting it here to serve as a shorter explanation of the way I write, to spare you from reading the whole back story. It uses the same modified CSS file I created for the Fountain cheet sheet.

Here’s the SP-MMD Cheaters page.

And here’s the cheat sheet in a web-friendly view for curious passers-by.

Fountain for Cheaters

Fountain for Cheaters

Earlier today Brett Terpstra posted Cheaters, a “customizable cheat sheet system”. It’s easy to use, super helpful, and just all around awesome.

I had a little time this afternoon so I whipped up a Fountain syntax guide, pulled from the fountain.io syntax page. Here are links to the Fountain sheet and the modified CSS file. Follow Brett’s instructions to customize your own cheatsheet.

I plan on adding my SP-MMD syntax to my cheatsheet, as well as my still-in-development MultiMarkdown sildeshow presentation tool.

FYI, since I’m strictly an amateur, I make no guarantees that this will work as well for you as it does for me.

A huge thanks to Brett for this insanely useful tool.