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MultiMarkdown Build Systems for Sublime Text 2

When I started using Sublime Text 2 as my primary text editor, last year sometime, I created a build system to more quickly process my MultiMarkdown files. Since I couldn’t find a preexisting MultiMarkdown build system in the Sublime Text forum, it’s probably a safe bet that others might find it useful for me to post mine.

Since all of my writing is based on MultiMarkdown and varying CSS files, I use the same build system for screenplays, blog posts, presentations, etc. When I created the initial build system I was doing the majority of my writing on a Windows 7 machine. Since that time, I have retired all of my Windows computers [1] and created a new build system for OS X (10.7.3).

Here are both build systems:


"shell": "true",
"path": "/usr/local/bin",
"cmd": ["mmd \"$file\""]


"shell": "true",
"cmd": "multimarkdown -b \"$file\"",
"cmd": "\"\"${file/\\.txt/\\.html/}\"\""

The last line in the Windows build system is a launch command that will open the processed document in your default HTML application. Since I have Marked on my Mac, I decided to omit the launch command from the OS X version and pick my viewer on a per-file basis.

  1. For a number of reasons, I’m still required to use a VM of Win 7 on my Mac via Parallels.  ↩