You’re Doing That Wrong is a journal of various successes and failures by Dan Sturm.

Open Last QuickTime File Macro

Yesterday, Dr. Drang had a nice post about creating a keyboard shortcut for the Open Recent menu item in BBEdit using Keyboard Maestro. I purchased Keyboard Maestro a few months ago and have been meaning to find some time to play with it. I’ve also been meaning to find a way to open the most recently viewed video in QuickTime with a global keyboard shortcut. Let’s skip right to the punchline.


Throughout the course of a project, I spend a lot of time referring to the most recent cut of a video alongside notes from the client. Once I know the next shot or note I’m going to address, I close the cut, my notes, and get to it. Since my notes live in nvALT, they disappear and reappear with a quick ⌃Z. Now, no matter what I’m doing, I can quickly summon the video file with a keyboard shortcut as well.

A simple tool that removes way more friction that you’d probably guess. It’s a good thing.