You’re Doing That Wrong is a journal of various successes and failures by Dan Sturm.

Launching Marked from Sublime Text 2

I do pretty much all my MultiMarkdown writing anymore in Sublime Text 2. I’ve come to rely on Marked for previewing my files with a variety of custom CSS files, depending on the type of project I’m writing.

At the moment, the most annoying part of this workflow is the time it takes to open Marked and locate the MultiMarkdown file I’m currently working on in Sublime Text. I think I’ve been spoiled by the speed of using Sublime Text’s Goto Anything feature (Command + P) for opening files.

To speed things along, I wrote a new build system for Sublime Text that launches the active document in Marked. Now previewing my active file is as easy as invoking the build command which, for me, is still Command + B.

The (insanely simple) code [1]:

"shell": "true",  
"cmd": ["open -a marked \"$file\""]  

More non-rocket-science, but a big time saver in my world.

  1. This build system is only for OS X.  ↩

MultiMarkdown Build Systems for Sublime Text 2

When I started using Sublime Text 2 as my primary text editor, last year sometime, I created a build system to more quickly process my MultiMarkdown files. Since I couldn’t find a preexisting MultiMarkdown build system in the Sublime Text forum, it’s probably a safe bet that others might find it useful for me to post mine.

Since all of my writing is based on MultiMarkdown and varying CSS files, I use the same build system for screenplays, blog posts, presentations, etc. When I created the initial build system I was doing the majority of my writing on a Windows 7 machine. Since that time, I have retired all of my Windows computers [1] and created a new build system for OS X (10.7.3).

Here are both build systems:


"shell": "true",
"path": "/usr/local/bin",
"cmd": ["mmd \"$file\""]


"shell": "true",
"cmd": "multimarkdown -b \"$file\"",
"cmd": "\"\"${file/\\.txt/\\.html/}\"\""

The last line in the Windows build system is a launch command that will open the processed document in your default HTML application. Since I have Marked on my Mac, I decided to omit the launch command from the OS X version and pick my viewer on a per-file basis.

  1. For a number of reasons, I’m still required to use a VM of Win 7 on my Mac via Parallels.  ↩