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r_ScreenComp ToolSet for Nuke

In my previous post, I said I created QuickGrade so I could quickly balance my Log footage and start compositing more quickly. Based on the footage in the accompanying screenshot, you could probably guess what came next; replacing the screen on the device.

Creating a successful screen comp isn’t rocket science, but since it’s a very (very) common compositing task and, in many cases, the entire focus of a commercial, any tool that helps you work more quickly, while maintaining quality, is worth it’s weight in met-deadlines.

In uncharacteristic fashion, I’ll turn this post over to myself in video form to explain further.

There’s no chance I could have finished the number of shots I was assigned, in the time I had allotted, if it weren’t for this ToolSet. If you do a lot of screen comps in your day-to-day, even if you don’t use my ToolSet [1], I cannot recommend highly enough that you automate as much of the process as possible.


  1. Installing a Nuke ToolSet is as easy as dropping the R_ScreenComp.nk file into \.nuke\ToolSets\  ↩